Unforgivable Sinner

I really thought you would set me at ease.

I still remember how my heart stopped beating that evening when we met. It was a cold December day and yet we stood outside drinking coffee and telling each other everything we felt saying to one another. I felt safe. I was going throught a rough time, where feelings weren't part of me. I could breathe, but I'm pretty sure I was dead inside, torn apart. It all changed when you made me laugh. That my dear, was when I knew you were going to be a huge part of my life. And so you were. I know we don't belong to each other anymore, and now you have another girl, and I'm not sad about it. I'm happy I met you and happy to be shown the way for the girl I once was. I hope you find your way to happiness.

And for that I'm thankful. Thank you for everything.


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