TOPSHOP is opening a store in LISBON this year!

It's been a while since we portuguese been expecting for a Topshop store opens in Portugal!
When I lived this past year in London I spent so many evenings in there, lost on the 5 floors!
Topshop will open its store in Centro Comercial Colombo and even though it won't have the same 5 floors, I just hope for it to be big enough to have all the exclusive items 'topshopaholics' are used to buy!
This is a brand with some 'expensive' items, but dolls, they're absolutely worth it!
Let's just hope for this to be the beggining for stores like Forever21 or River Island (also in London) to start opening in Portugal.

Another news, Kate Moss has decided to team up again with Topshop, and this 40 items capsule collection is expected to be launched April 2014! Since the dates of the opening of the store are still unknown, let's hope for it to open in time for us to buy Kate's items before they sell out like they did in the past in a previous partnership between her and this brand.

Hope you're happy with these news as I am!

Lots of love,
Raquel Volz Bell de Aquino

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