Nicole Scherzinger: Show at G-A-Y Heaven Nightclub in London

Nicole Scherzinger had this surprise gig at G-A-Y Heaven club here in London!
So for only £7 I had the amazing opportunity to see her live!

It was the first time I went to a gay club, but I really liked it! Everyone there was with only one goal: see this Diva acting live!
She sang around 10 songs, but here I show you only two of them since what I really wanted to do was enjoy the show :)
She had an amazing outfit, her makeup was gorgeous and she spread a great vibe to everyone there!
What I liked the most was that it wasn't too full since it was a surprise for her to be there to launch her new single "Boomerang". It was the first time I saw her live, and now I can definetly say I'm a fan of her work!

Love, Raquel Volz Bell de Aquino

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