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Hello lovers! Thank God today is a brighter day in Portugal. I must say I can't wait for Summer to arrive. I reallyyyy miss getting tanned and just lay the whole day on the beach with my friends.
There's nothing better than feeling good in your own skin! With this in mind, I have gathered some products from Kiko Cosmetics that will help you to get that bronzed skin and make envy to all those pale mean girls haha!
They're very cheap, so what's gonna be your excuse?
Stop crying about Summer, bring Summer wherever you go!

(From right to the left, from top to bottom)

  1. Pre-self tan scrub - NOW 2€! - Exfoliating wipes to prepare the skin for self tanning products
  2. Self tanning rapid drops - NOW 4€ - Self tanning face drops with an ultra-rapid effect and special tube applicator.
  3. Self Tanning Day by Day Lotion - NOW 4€ - Moisturizing self tanning face and body cream with a gradual effect.
  4. Self Tanning Spray - Light - NOW 4€ - Rapid effect self tanning body spray. Light suntan result
Lots of love,
Raquel Volz Bell de Aquino

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